SNIPR     is a National Database of Vehicles and information on vehicles of interest. SNIPR is an open Platform that any Handheld Scanner, Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) or Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System or other Control System can interface to.

Our Philosophy is Simple:

1. IDENTIFY – This means we need to get a number plate read, from any source

  • Either from a Vehicle License Scanning Device

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR)

2. VERIFY – Check the vehicle Registration Number against the National Database

3. NOTIFY – When a hit is detected – notification is sent out via a number of platforms


  • A pre-defined message and instruction set will be sent out based on the hotlist or vehicle that has been activated

4. MITIGATE – Deal with the set of instruction you have received

Your Interface into SNIPR will allow you to set up Multiple Hotlists so that our client can draw out the maximum benefit for the technology deployed.


  • VIP Hotlist – for Important Vehicles

  • A list of Tailgating Vehicle from an Un-maned BOOM GATE SYSTEM

  • One Can also draw reports from the system of all registration numbers processed and what responses have been received

The SNIPR management portal has been setup online so that our client can access the information relevant to their sites from anywhere – and most importantly conveniently. The System can be running from a remote street side Camera, or a Parking Entrance in a shopping Centre where there may not be a maned security control room.


Our interface into the Law Enforcement database gives our system access to Millions of Records to lookup, but the information must be accurate and passed to them under their strict processing requirements so their data is not corrupted. SNIPR handles this connection on your behalf.


SNIPR is NOT linked to any specific Technologies – but Rather an Online Management and Lookup Platform that can be used by Various Technologies, to prevent crime in Real-Time.


SNIPR – is Linked Directly into the Law Enforcement Database and allows you to not only get a real time lookup of every vehicle entering your site from the Law Enforcement Database but also from our Ever Growing Snipr Suspicious Database (Which is driven by our community and which links to other third party information)