The Drive behind THE GATEBOOK  is our passion for creating and deploying technology solutions that add real value to your security and make use of accurate information so that we can be pro-active about our security.


There is a lot of great technology out in the marketplace and typically we take very little advantage of their great features. Sometime because the features are too complex for the end user to use and sometimes because the data is not shared into a platform that makes it easy for us to understand.


Our Goal is to make it simple and time effective for anyone in an organised to get meaningful information out of our systems and conveniently input data back into the system so enable you to pro-actively protect yourself.


Integrations and Databases are important to us – we strive to to make technology work to its maximum impact.


Our Founders and Directors Grant Hancock and Jeremy Malherbe – both have Degrees in Electronic Engineering but their career paths to get them to this point have been considerably different.

Grant Hancock – Managing Director - Has driven Product Development  - through Product Management, Project Management and Solutions Deployment both in South Africa and in the UK. He has deployed smart Ticketing and Access Technologies into over 16 000 Buses and Public Transport systems across the UK Including Security Camera Solutions. Upon his Return to South Africa he setup a Business in the deployment of High End Security and Access Control Technologies into Commercial, Industrial and Residential Markets. It was this experience that drove him to take State-of-the-Art Technology and get the most out of it – and When Products were not available he got them made.


Jeremy Malherbe - Director of Technology Development – Leads our Technical team, with his 25 years of programming experience. Jeremy has driven large scale projects all over the world, including Proximus in Belgium, Channel 4, The FA, The National Lottery and more in the UK, Sapient for Hilton Hotels in India and Heidelberg Drucksmaschinen in Germany. All of these projects involved large scale enterprise Content Management Systems integrating with enterprise databases and large amounts of data, using business intelligence to streamline the users process. His Mantra is keeping the front end of any development as clean and simple as possible while doing all the clever work behind the scenes, and wherever possible simplify and Automate the process. Anything that has to be done more than once can be simplified and automated. Returning to South Africa, Jeremy has seen the need for streamlining the security access control processes, and coming together with Grant Hancock has been an ideal match.


We understand that technology does not stand still – and our security industry is no exception. In the Last 7 Years in the South African Security Market we have seen significant advances in the Products on offer and seen the move from analogue Cameras – the IP Cameras – to Analog High Definition Cameras. Similarly with the Access Control Market we have seen the move from Stand Alone Access Reader to Network Reader, to Reader reporting into the Cloud. And we can see how the prices have become more affordable to every business out there.


We are passionate about Collecting Accurate Reliable Information in real-time so that it can be used to get ahead of Crime and Criminal Syndicates and Ultimately Prevent Crime.